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Our Seasonings enhance flavour, functionality, appearance and aromatics for any protein or base.

Sauces, Dressings & Marinades

We take a chef-driven approach to developing authentic culinary sauces.

Value-Added Coatings

The value-added coating systems can be customized to help your product stand out in taste, texture,colour,…

Functional Blends

Ingredient blends to improve flavour, binding, texture, colour stability, enhanced shelf life, clean label,…

… applied to the segments we serve …


Red Meat

Fish & Seafood

Alternative Protein

… and illustrated with delicious chef-inspired concepts such as:

Bengali Curried Chicken

Bengali Curried Chicken

Chicken thighs with coriander, cumin and turmeric spiced marinade. Bound in a bengali curry paste (tomato, onion, chilli, cayenne pepper and black onion seeds).

Rubbed BBQ Salmon

Sous-vide prepared salmon fillet, with a BBQ finishing sauce and different rubs (peri-peri rubs, Italian herbs BBQ rub, Kentucky BBQ rub).

Rubbed BBQ Salmon
Espagnole Pork Steak

Espagnole Pork Steak

Pork steak with sage, butter and rosemary oil marinade, and with sauce Espagnole.

Smokey Beef-free Burger

Beef-free burgers with smokey Texas BBQ sauce, vegetarian sriracha mayo, and tomato salsa topping.

Smokey Beef-free Burger

Discover our new Protein Solutions brochure