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Elevating value-for-money protein products.

Despite inflation cooling, the majority European consumers still struggle to absorb the increased cost-of-living*. As they continue to adjust their shopping habits, value-for-money protein offerings are getting renewed interest. But beyond just price, consumers also consider quality, taste, and nutritional profile of foods when making purchase decisions, even for cheaper value meal occasions. Now more than ever, food processors and brand owners need to be resourceful in developing products that offer that “indulgent affordability”. And that is where we can help.

Our approach: combine affordability with taste, quality and nutrition

At Griffith Foods, we can support protein processors to elevate protein products made from cheaper substrates like mince meats, thighs, wings, or products with added vegetables. We can also build on our expertise in cost-efficient processing methods like sous vide and slow cooking. We pride ourselves in making affordable products delicious.

We also like to bring in our culinary creativity to value-for-money product ranges. We can either evoke familiar flavours and happy memories to remind consumers of simpler times; or bring in more exciting and novel experiences that help them escape the daily grind.

We help you focus on affordability without compromising on taste, and where possible, we provide healthier options. Ensuring that everyone has access to tasty and high-quality protein options that fit their budget is just another way in which we “Create better Together”.

  • Accessibility for consumers: we make great protein options more accessible to a wider range of consumers by elevating the taste and quality of value-for-money protein products.

  • Cost-Efficiency for processors: we support processors in optimizing economical protein cuts such as thighs, wings, ribs or mince ; and in using cost-efficient processing methods such as sous vide, slow cooking, or hybrids.

  • Versatility for value-for-money ranges: with our range of Functional Binders, Sauces, Seasonings and Coatings, we offer a wide range of flavour options that make value-for-money food product stand out.
  • Better for me, better for the planet: we are committed to minimizing waste and make more efficient use of valuable resources, as well as improving the nutritional profile of protein products.

A taste of what we can do

Join us in transforming ordinary value-for-money protein products into extraordinary culinary experiences.

Chicken mince kebab

Mince made from thighs or other less premium cuts may not be as tender or flavourful. But when well prepared and seasoned, it is a real treat. Using our chicken binder and Middle Eastern kebab seasoning, we bring that typical kebab texture: juicy and tender inside, and slightly charred outside. Our Garlic and yoghurt drizzle makes it mouth-watering, and added vegetables help save cost and increase fibre and micronutrient content.

Hybrid pork sausage

Combining meat and vegetables or legumes, hybrids typically contain less fat and cholesterol and bring more fibre than conventional meat. Depending on the plant protein used, they can also be more economical. Our Curry seasoned binder brings a classic sausage base flavour, and our sodium reduced Smoked applewood & honey seasoning and our Sugar reduced honey mustard sauce add exciting taste layers and nutritional benefits.

Bhuna style lamb mince

Even if lamb prices can be high, there are more economical cuts to choose from such as lamb shoulder or mince lamb. It is very versatile to work with, and a favourite for those who love its mild and sweet flavour. Here our Curried meatball seasoning adds that typical Indian feel, and our Hidden Fruit & Veg bhuna sauce contains more vegetables and fruit than the conventional sauce. Our Yogurt, cumin and mint dip finishes it all off.

Sous vide pork neck

Sous vide processing can bring better quality and nutrition, and potentially reduce material, labour, and storage costs. If the substrate used is a more economical cut, it allows for even more cost savings. We’ve elevated this perfectly cooked pork neck steak with our Sea salt, crushed black pepper and oregano rub for that Sunday roast feel. Adding our Red wine jus gravy converts this value-for-money dish in a sumptuous meal.

Beef stew

Slow cooking helps retain meat juices and nutrients and can be more energy efficient. Importantly, slow cooking brings out the tenderness and flavour of more economical cuts of meat. With our Stew dry seasoning, we bring that comfort feel to this economical dish. The Beer beef stew glaze adds bitterness, balancing the richness of the stew. A hearty dish best served with some warm pieces of fresh brown bread.

Pork spare ribs

Spare ribs are economical cuts, and high in demand during Summer. A source of protein and B-vitamins and selenium, they are also high in fat. What’s more, BBQ rubs and sauces tend to contain lots of added sugar and salt. To keep these ribs tasty whilst improving their nutritional profile, we use our sugar-reduced Pitmaster rub and Bourbon BBQ finishing glaze. We can also offer sodium-reduced solutions for BBQ seasonings and sauces.

Beef koftas

Kofta is traditionally made with cheaper cuts of ground beef. Recently, other substrates like chicken, fish, beans, or chickpeas are also being used, as kofta is slowly conquering the world. Starting from a beef substrate and our functional beef binder, we add the best of Lebanon and Greece with our Baharat seasoning and our Tzatziki yogurt mayo, bringing alive the freshness of spices and herbs that makes koftas so appealing.

Ready to elevate your value-for-money protein offerings?

Together, we can unlock new possibilities, create exceptional culinary experiences, and make high-quality protein accessible to all. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you elevate economical protein cuts and optimize cost-saving processing methods. 

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Let’s redefine affordable protein together!

*Griffith Foods propriety research, August 2023 and April 2024.