International Burger Day: Taste the World with Griffith Foods

Our passion for culinary innovation knows no bounds, and we’re excited to showcase a tantalizing array of burger concepts inspired by diverse cultures and traditions

Crafting Culinary Inspirations for QSR Success

At Griffith Foods, we understand the importance of incorporating new burger offerings to your menu to captivate taste buds and drive success in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry.

Our expertise lies in harnessing insights and inspiration from global cuisines, infusing creativity into every bite, and crafting customised solutions that elevate your menu offerings.

European Truffle Temptation

Elevate your burger experience with this juicy beef patty, seasoned with Umami seasoning and a Liquid stock seasoning to make it irresistible. Topped with an umami and pepper mayo infused with luxurious truffle flavour. Accompanied by a bed of peppery rocket, tomato, melted cheese, and delicate truffle shavings, every bite is a symphony of European luxury flavours.

  • Liquid stock seasoning
  • Umami seasoning
  • Umami & pepper mayo with truffle flavour

Spicy Spirit Burger

Embrace the fiery spirit of America with our Spicy Freedom Burger. A spicy coated chicken filet with a hot and smoky marinade and coated in a signature bright orange, never-fry breading. Served with crisp onion slices, tangy pickled onions, and drenched in our zesty Reduced Fat Peri Peri sauce and smoky Hickory BBQ sauce.

    • Never fry batter, breader & glaze batter
    • Reduced Fat Peri Peri Sauce
    • Hickory BBQ Sauce

Fiesta Fajita Burger

Discover this tender sous vide brisket, slow-cooked for 5 hours with Fajita-style paste in combination with a juicy patty seasoned with Fajita seasoning. Smothered in chili cheese sauce, the burger is topped with guacamole-style vegan sauce, fresh salsa, and jalapenos, all hugged by melted Monterey Jack cheese. Ole!

  • Vegan Guacamole Style Sauce​
  • Chili Cheese Sauce​
  • Fajita style paste​​
  • Fajita seasoning

Safari Spice Burger

Taste the delicious crispy coated chicken, marinated in a tantalizing blend of hot and smoky spices. Served in a wholemeal bread build and accompanied by a refreshing crunch of shredded lettuce, tangy gherkins, and a fiery kick of sliced red chilis. Elevating each bite is the creamy Birds Eye chili eggless mayo and garlic aioli, adding layers of flavour.

    • Hot & smoky marinade
    • Predust + Batter +Flourbreader 
    • Birds Eye chilli Eggless mayo
    • Garlic aioli

Korean Katsu Sandosandwich

Try this savoury pork burger patty sandwiched between pillowy slices of bread, accompanied by the tangy kick of Kimchi Style Pickling Sauce and the smoky sweetness of Korean BBQ sauce.

  • Kimchi Style Pickling Sauce
  • Korean BBQ sauce

British Buttermilk Crunch

Experience a taste of Britain ​with this succulent buttermilk-coated chicken breast. Topped with rocket salad, crisp red onion rings, and dressed with a creamy delicious Peppercorn Ranch Sauce.

  • Peppercorn Ranch Sauce
  • Predust
  • Butter Flavoured Batter + Breader

Hot Honey Bao

Indulge in a tender, oriental-marinated grilled chicken filet​ drizzled with a tantalizing hot honey glaze. Served within a soft and fluffy bao bun and topped with crisp peashoots and tangy pickled ginger, and sprinkled with a medley of black and white sesame seeds for an added crunch.

  • Hot honey glaze 
  • Oriental marinade

Crispy Karaage Fusion Burger

Bite into crispy kaarage-coated chicken, marinated in a blend of soy sauce and ginger for an authentic taste sensation.  Topped with a refreshing mix of pickled cucumber, onions, and mixed cabbage slaw, infused with the zing of ginger and lime pickling liquor. The burger is dressed with a spicy umami mayo for that extra kick.

  • Soy & ginger marinade
  • Karaage Fusion Batter + Breader
  • Spicy umami mayo

Ready to take your burger offerings to the next level?

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