Plant-based Beef Mimics

Made easy for processors. Made delicious for consumers.

As plant-based alternatives take up more space on retail shelves, the key to success lies in overcoming processing and formulation challenges, as well as delighting consumers with delicious, nutritious and innovative products.

At Griffith Foods, we help you do both. Based on our deep R&D knowledge of the core components, we offer customised dry blends that are easy to use for processors. What’s more, building on our long-standing Culinary expertise, we help create products that will have consumers craving for more!

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Introducing our dry-blend systems

Beyond our blended solutions, our other key ingredient are our expertise from our R&D, Technical, Culinary, Sensory and Marketing experts to continuously refine your product and stay ahead.

to make possible your next-level plant-based Beef…


Minced Meat


“Partner with us to make your plant-based beef mimics stand out
using our easy-to-use ingredient solutions, and building on our expertise 
in bringing delicious and nutritious protein products to consumers“

To know more about our capabilities and expertise in plant-based beef mimics, you can take a look at our leaflet.